Ashley Gary, Andre Higginbotham Registry

Ashley Gary, Andre Higginbotham Registry
March 7th, 2015
What a great surprise and honor for us that we were chosen by Ashley and Andre to make their special dinnerware and serving pieces. They will be tying the knot on March 7th this year, and they have chosen: A pasta bowl in Peacock ($110), a bread bowl ($28), Mugs any shape or kind ($22-30), 4 eight inch crescent bowls ($25ea), 4 twelve inch crescent bowls ($50ea), a doozy 23 inch crescent bowl ($250), 12 dinner ($33ea) salad ($20ea), a medium pitcher ($50), a pie plate ($35), a rectangular tray with dragonflies ($60), a straight pitcher ($80), a 3 bottle champagne vessel ($225), 4 scalloped bowls ($35ea), a lotus bowl ($85), a porte couvert ($55), 4 small dough bowls ($125ea), an octagonal tray either (448 or $75 or $150), and to round off the bathroom 2 scalloped sinks in flame stitch ($250 ea). Thanks y'all, and just call us at (504) 89-1705 to put in an order.

Lacy Davillier and Luke O'Neal III
October 13, 2018
We're very excited to be Lacy and Luke's choice for handmade dinnerware, plus some specialty items. Take a look at what they've chosen:
Traditional Big-edge Plates in Flamestitch @ $33/each
Torn-edge Salad Plates in Seafoam @ $33/each
Bowls with finger dents in Flamestitch @ $25/each
Berry Bowl $50
Teapot $120
Japanese Teas in Seafoam and Southern Pecan @ $25/each
Mezcal Shot Bowls in Southern Pecan @ $15/each
Pie Plate $38
Pizza Stone with New Orleans Sewerage & Waterboard Image $65
Pasta Bowl in Seafoam $120
Crescent bowl $45
Platter $180

Marybeth Perry & Philip Grimsley

Marybeth Perry & Philip Grimsley
September 9th, 2017
We're so pleased that Marybeth and Philip have chosen us for their bridal registry.
For their wish list we have:
8 Dinner Plates in Matte White @ $33.00/each
8 Salad Plates in Matte White @ $20.00/each
8 Bowls in Matte White @ $22.00/each
4 Small Coffee Mugs in Matte White @ $22.00/each
1 Porte Couvert in Matte White @ $60.00

Ray and McDonald Registry
May 24, 2015
Christian and Sean have requested us into making their registry for their wedding. They have been wonderful supporters over the years and we are very excited to be part of this special occassion. They have chosen practically everything. From the $20 salad plates to the $25 mugs, and $45 dinner plates, $35 bowls, $22 tumblers, $55 scalloped bowl, $65 crescent bowl, $75 pitcher, $35, $48, $60, $125, $150 serving trays, $45 baking dish, $35 pie plate, $65 faceted vase, $225 three bottle champagne vessel, $125 dough bowl, $95 and $150 platters, $35-$90 planters. And if you want, just a gift certificate for any denomination. Just give us a call when you want to order: Potsalot 504-899-1705

Richelle Lyons/ Leon Guidry
Wedding Date April 29th, 2017
We're so pleased that Richelle and Leon have chosen us for their bridal registry. For their wish list we have:
8 Gumbo bowls, in dragon combo @ $30/each
8 Small Japanese Tea Mugs @ $25/each
Berry bowl @ $45
Lotus Bowl @ $60
Cream & Sugar set @ $120
Small Square NOLA Water Meter @ $20
Crescent Bowl @ $77
Porte Couvert @ $60
Pitcher @ $55
Medium Dough Bowl @ $250
Straight Pitcher @ $78

Shai and DeCotiis registry

Lital and Matt will jump the broom on October 24th, and we are happy they chose us to commemorate their beginning. They have chosen 8 mugs ($25), a porte couvert ($55), a large serving bowl ($125), and a rectangular serving tray ($65)

Shannon Bowers and Shawn Essert

Shannon Bowers and Shawn Essert

Hurray for shannon and Shawn, they have chosen us to be their personal potters. They have for their wish list: 6 dinner plates ($33 ea.), 1 Rectangular Tray ($60), 1 Berry Bowl ($45), 1 Canister Set ($225), 2 Wall Sconces ($79 ea.), 1 Medium Pitcher ($65), 6 Coffee Mugs ($25 ea.), and one lamp ($300). We wish the very best for them, and their life together.

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